In January, 1971, Cotillion records released the debut album by Kate Taylor, "Sister Kate" . Peter Asher discovered, Managed and Produced Kate, just as he had done with Kate's brother James. Peter sang backing vocals on the album, but as Peter had retired from performing-except for singing the occasional backing vocals on stage for his friends-Kate Taylor and Peter Asher have never performed together publicly. That will change on a very special August night at the Old Whaling Church on Martha's Vineyard. 

Peter Asher's acclaimed show joins with the joyous stage presence of "Sister Kate" Taylor herself for one unforgettable evening. Peter's "Musical Memoir of the 60s and Beyond" has been hailed by fans and critics alike; the New York Times said, "As Mr. Asher regaled a  delighted audience with stories...he conjured history in the making, before it was set in stone" . The album Kate Taylor and Peter Asher made together is remembered to this day as "an impressive work of art" by All Music.

While Sister Kate featured  a wealth of great songs, including tracks written by both James Taylor and Carole King - both of whom played on the album - it remains a pure Kate Taylor album. It's therefore no surprise that her stage performances today reflect that same easy way with a melody, that graceful charm, and that familiar, infectious warmth. 

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